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Become a Self Directed Investor or at least learn what it is your financial investor is doing so that you can discuss/debate his strategy; it's your future after all!


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It's not as hard as it seems. Just spend a few hours learning the basics of investing and you'll be ahead of 99% of the population; and so will your returns!


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Get a head start on the herd and learn to spot winners before they finish their runs so you can finally BUY LOW and SELL HIGH!

HINT: your adviser can't do that!


InvestorRules - Beginner's Investing Guide

...making investing personal by teaching everyday people how to manage their own money with an easy and affordable step by step system that maximizes profits while protecting capital, in any markets, all the times.

Eric LeRiche - President of InvestorRules

TOP Ten Reasons

to Take Charge of Your Portfolio


Dear Friend,

Many of us have relied on the advice of stock brokers, certified financial planners and even the stock prognosticators on TV. So how you doing?

Are you happy with the returns you’re getting in up-and-down markets? Probably not, and with good reason. Even so, most individual investors stick with their financial advisers because they don’t feel comfortable managing their own asset portfolios.

The fact is, any one – anyone – can learn the basics of investing in a few short hours. All the gibberish you hear on the TV is intended to confuse you. If you can make a good sandwich, you can design your own portfolio, manage it intelligently and confidently, have a plan and grow your own wealth – no advisers required.

Let me stretch this reasoning one extra step: Let's say you REALLY didn't want to manage your own portfolio for whatever reasons: time constraints, total lack of interest or, you simply can't make a good sandwich :-)

In this case you will still benefit from learning the basics of investing because even if you leave your financial future in the hands of a financial adviser, once you learn the basics of investing you'll understand what it is your financial adviser is doing and be able to discuss/debate it with him and, over time, even participate actively in the management of your portfolio which I can predict with 100% certainty you will do once you realize how poorly your portfolio is really doing.


That being said here's a quick "top 10 list" you want to pay attention to:


1. No one is going to look after your money better than you will. Even the best-intentioned broker of CFP goes home, plays with the dog and has a life. To this person, you’re one of many clients. Who’s going to take better care of your cash than you will? That’s right. No one.


2. Your broker’s hands may be tied. Tied by government regulation, tied by the company’s policies and practices, tied by market regulations. This creates a dilemma for many financial advisors.

For example, many large brokerage houses have their own family of mutual funds. Chances are, whatever assets you have with the company are somehow tied to “in-house” products.

In other cases, the brokerage is one of the underwriters of an IPO – initial public offering. In other words, the brokerage has a vested, financial interest in the success of this stock.

In these cases, brokers are directed by management to sell these IPOs and the brokers push inappropriate stocks or products because of upper management pressure to sell those IPO shares – and fast. In some cases, brokers who manage “discretionary” accounts with clients who have given their permission to the broker to make buying and selling decisions often find themselves holding 200 shares of an IPO they never heard of.

It was underwritten by the brokerage and brokers pushed the stock on their clients and put IPO shares in discretionary accounts, whether appropriate or not. Now, this is the exception, not the rule. Most brokers and financial advisors want to do the right thing for their clients. However, they can’t.


3. You fully-understand your objectives – today and tomorrow. You understand better than anyone what your financial needs are today and what they’ll be in the future with college costs, rising energy prices and distant thoughts of a golden retirement.

A financial advisor will meet with you to discuss her line of investment products but they may not be appropriate to your circumstances.

Case in point: an investor purchased an annuity with a low, downside guarantee and an upper cap on earnings. She was looking for income security.

Unfortunately, she was locked out of the market upturn we enjoyed for four years. She traded independence for security and lost.

No one can predict the future but you can certainly help shape your own future by taking control of your assets and watching them grow under your knowledgeable oversight.


4. What’s your investment style? Most large brokerages employ investment templates (again, all associated with the brokerage) to simplify the research time.

Most of us think of our financial advisors as trusted professionals who carefully plan every movement in our portfolios. And when we get a call from our brokers, we assume we’re getting quality, “insider,” information. Most of the time, this is true.

However, are we comfortable with the advisors’ choices? Few of us have the experience to contest a stock recommended by a long-term broker and friend. So, even if we don’t understand the investment, we go along because of the trust and confidence we have in our advisors.

It’s important to note that small, individual investors are fitted to a template of stocks based on the investor’s “style” – conservative to “roll-the-dice” aggressive. The personal attention that “appears” on those monthly statements is machine made data.

If you know little or nothing about investing and the right investments for you, you’re at the mercy of someone who may or may not have
your best interests at heart. If for no other reason than to more clearly understand those brokerage statements, every investor should learn the basics of sound investing and how to accomplish their investment goals their way.


5. Your stock broker or financial advisor does not have a crystal ball. Good investing depends on good decisions based on quantifiable data. Many of us who have relied on the services of a broker all of our lives believe that these men and women have some “inside track” on market moves or changes in course for the share price of an individual company.

Your broker or advisor has no more clue of which direction the market or share price is moving than my Aunt Tilly. You want proof? Watch any of these stock-picker TV shows where so called, street savvy experts pick their favorites and guaranteed, another stock guru at the same table will list five reasons that stock is going down.

There rarely (if ever) is consensus in the market. There are trends, mood changes, upward and downward momentum (the herd mentality), but rarely will you find a room full of stock market analysts who all agree on the movement of the market in general, much less the direction of movement of the share price of a single company.

Here’s the big secret: there is no crystal ball, no inside track, no “hush-hush” information. We all follow the ups and downs of the markets (no market moves in a straight line) and, only after the fact, do the pundits of Wall Street jump before the television camera and explain what’s already happened.

Let’s say your broker buys 1,000 shares of Microsoft for your portfolio. She did that believing the share price would increase. However, let’s not forget – your advisor bought those thousand shares of Microsoft from a shareholder who thought the share price was going to decline.

This is what makes a market – a place to trade. Some investors think a stock is going up, others believe its share price is falling. When you bring these two groups together, you create a market to buy and sell stock shares.


6. You can buy shares directly from many companies. Some well-known, S&P 500 companies allow you to purchase shares directly through their investor relations departments.

This saves on any commission costs you’d pay, even using a deep discount, online trading company. Of course, you have to do the homework. You have to examine the company’s annual report; you have to understand the market and you have to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em. But that’s not rocket science.

The fact is, you can learn the basic principles of investing in a few hours. It really is that easy.


7. Commissions, loads, fees and other expenses that nibble away at your assets. Financial advisors either work on a flat-fee basis or on a percentage basis. If you feel you must employ the services of an advisor, opt for one who charges a flat fee each year. This eliminates some conflict of interest.

Brokers and financial advisors often put their clients into front-end load mutual funds. These funds charge a front-end fee (load) of up to 4%. That means if you invest $100K in one of these load funds, you only put $96,000 to work for you on day one. That front end load is removed before the account is activated!

There are commissions paid every time you buy or sell, there are maintenance fees, inactivity fees, back-end loads on some mutuals – get the picture. All of these expenses add up quickly and it could take 12 to 18 months just to catch up to where you were before you invested.


8. Broaden your investment horizons. When working through a broker or financial advisor, your investment options are limited to the products carried by the broker or advisor.

When you take charge of your own investments, you can devise a strategy that fits your needs, your age, your investment style and your short- and long-term financial objectives. There are lots of ways to make money in a stock market, regardless of which direction it’s moving.

Knowing how to take advantage of various investment options is easy to learn and easy to implement. You still pay commissions on some of the more exotic investments but at least you’re not paying commission on top of commission.


9. Even when you lose money, financial advisors make money. It somehow doesn’t seem fair, but that’s the way it works.

Your advisor can put you into some very low-quality stocks (even believing these issues will return to top form someday), and if you lose the house on your advisor’s recommendations, the broker still gets paid.

One tactic used by unscrupulous brokers is called “churning” an account. A broker, and in some cases a financial advisor, don’t make money unless you, the client, buy or sell something. Then, the broker earns his or her commission.

These unethical advisors will sometimes take “discretionary” accounts and buy and sell on a regular basis, even though there’s no valid, financial reason to do so. Still, the broker buys and sells, buys and sells – each time racking up commissions.

Never give a financial advisor discretion over your portfolio. Make sure that no transactions take place without your approval. And, if you’re well-allocated, you won’t need to do much trading.


10. Brokers’ and investors’ needs run counter to each other. Related to the above point. Brokers and advisors make money when they buy or sell stocks and other investments for their clients.

No trades, no sales, no commissions. The problem is, those trades may not be in the best interest of the investor!

There’s no doubt that these transactions benefit the broker. Bigger commission checks. However, these transactions may run counter to your financial needs today and tomorrow.

Does this happen often? No. Most financial advisors are honest and ethical. They do (or try to do) what’s best for their clients, even though their hands are often tied by upper-tier management.

However, churning, dumping IPOs into discretionary accounts and charges and transactions that you don’t understand are eliminated completely when you manage your own basket of assets.

And that’s what InvestorRules is all about. We want all investors to, not only be knowledgeable about where their money is, we want them making the decisions and even executing the trades. (Remember, buy from the Fortune 500 company directly and save even more.)

Smart money doesn’t depend on this or that trend, the latest big thing to hit The Street. Smart money tracks performance, anticipates movements and pays attention to the future.

...It is your future. Who should be in charge?


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You'll get intanteneous access to a minimum of 4 customized trading plans which took me in excess of 4-6 hours to create, each! I say "minimum" because each time I create one I make it available to members on the membership site.

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5 Exclusive reports:

"How to Find High Quality Value Stocks"

In "Secrets to Solid Stock Selection" you are getting a complete walk through -- with pictures -- on how to use a reliable and completely FREE internet resource to uncover stock opportunities that will give you a very safe and consistent return on your investment.

There are SO many numbers involved in stock statistics. Out of 30 that appear on the screen, we'll show you the 2 that you need to be concerned with.

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"6 Crucial Indicators in Selecting Value Stocks"

Value stocks are the most powerful, most wanted, and most profitable stocks on the market.

Basically, a value stock is a stock that is currently priced much lower than it should be for various reasons, and is going to go up in value very soon.

Value stocks are perfect for beginners because they grow fast enough to see quick rewards, but slow enough to reduce the risks and allow you the option of to bailing out.

But, there are 6 critically important criteria these value stocks must meet to virtually guarantee profitability. Do you really want to purchase value stock without knowing these?

These 6 criteria will weed out the risky stocks, and allow you to only invest in the more predictable and profitable ones.


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This 9 step real-world stock investing plan's focus is building long term wealth and investment confidence, and was created specifically for beginners.

If you were to follow only this plan, and ignore everything else, you would still become a multi-millionaire in number of years. It takes longer than our other plans, but it would happen.

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"Technical Trading Course Synopsis"

Learn how this Technical Trading Course can propel you from the simple investor status to the rank of the Sophisticated Investor.

Technical Trading is the backbone of nearly any "advanced" stock investing method, such as Day Trading, Swing Trading, Forex and many others.

If you have any interest in venturing towards these more advanced strategies, this Technical Trading Course Synopsis is the best place to begin.

Don't let the name fool you, it's quick to grasp and the concepts are explained in an easy to understand way.

"The Newbie's Guide to Profitable Stock Investing"
by Edward Moraz

"The Newbie's Guide to Profitable Stock Investing" gives you complete answers on how to avoid all of the most common mistakes beginning stock investors make.

It's simple! Nothing is assumed.

All of the most basic questions are answered:

• "How the heck is stock even bought and sold? Where do I go?"

• "Do I need a broker? Can I do it online? Can I do both without messing up?"

• "What kind of stock and companies should I invest in, especially if I want to be safe?"

Plus you will also receive expert answers to questions such as:

• "How long should I hold on to the stock?"

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Special video recordings where you'll discover how all stock buys can be 100% tax-deductible, and more!

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What Every Newbie Stock Investor Needs to Know

This video informs you about what every newbie stock investor needs to know, including what the biggest challenge is facing every stock investor.


Pros and Cons of Both Stock Brokers
and Online Programs

This video goes through the pros and cons of using either a full service stock broker or an online program, and gives the best recomendation for beginners.


What Sort of Stocks to Invest in for Safety,
and What to Look For?

This video discusses what sort of stocks are best to invest in for a safe financial future, plus many things you should look for in stock to recognize if it'll be safe for you or not.


How to Buy Stock, How Long to Hold It,
and How to Sell It. - 3 part series -

This video discusses the process of know what comany to invest in, what NOT to invest in, how long you should hold that stock, the signs on when to sell your stock, how to sell stock, and also how to get your money from selling the stock. Part 1 of 3.

And lots lots more...

Expert Articles:

"An ever growing list of top notch articles"

How Do Financial Advisers (Brokers) Get Paid?

What Is Fundamental Analysis About?

What is a Stock Market Index?

What are SRI funds?

Understanding the Concept of Stocks and Dividends

Trailing Stop Orders in Stock Trading

What is" Due Diligence" anyways?

Fundamentals vs. Technicals

What is the "Wash Sales" rule about?

The Warren Buffet Investing Strategy

The Value Stock Investor: A Long term Investment Strategy

It`s All About Stock Picking!

The Potential for a New Stock Market Crash

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